Stop Screwing Around

Another great article supporting libraries, over on, courtesy of Tammy Roberts, breaking down the ten-year political history of libraries in SK:

So forgive me if I’m not buying that the Saskatchewan government has turned its back on its ten-year commitment to libraries (including the millions of tax dollars invested in SILS, which thanks to last month’s budget cuts is now no longer operational, after only a scant few years of serving the province) – not because it’s painfully out of touch with the electorate and piss-poor broke, but because it had a sudden revelation about its “core function”.

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Screwing With a Century-Old System: A Brief History of Libraries In Saskatchewan

Check Yourself Before You Wreck Yourself

Great letter to the editor in the Star Phoenix, posted Apr 17, entitled “Checking Morgan’s Library Facts”

Here’s an excerpt:

In 2009, I had a library card for my home in Saskatoon, another for my home in Val Marie, and a third for visiting Regina. Now I have one card and can use it anywhere in Saskatchewan. This is 67 per cent fewer library cards for me alone. I don’t think the minister has statistics to prove my experience is unique. Even if his numbers are accurate — he didn’t state where they came from — a difference of 175,000 library cards over 10 years is one card for every 65 people, or approximately the amount that would be created by eliminating duplication.

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Message from the Acting President

Union/Employer Meetings

Two members CUPE 2669’s Executive have been meeting with SPL’s CEO and Director of Public Services at “2 + 2” meetings. Important information from these meeting includes:

  • SPL will not be appealing the Saskatchewan Labour Board’s Decision on supervisors remaining in our local.
  • City Manager Murray Totland informed City of Saskatoon (CoS) employees that there will be no wage increases this year *
  • SPL’s CEO Carol Cooley and other public library directors met with Deputy Premier Don Morgan on April 12
  • Ms. Cooley will not be asking the CoS for more municipal funding for SPL.
  • SPL’s Board of Directors met on April 13.
  • Ms Cooley is “deeply concerned” about the effect of the budget cuts on SPL employees and services.
  • If you have questions, concerns or suggestions you can contact Ms. Cooley, your manager or your Union representative. Ms. Cooley is willing to provide what answers she can.

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Opinion Piece in Leader Post Supports Libraries

Merilee Rasmussen has written a letter of opinion that has been published in the Regina Leader Post, and it is great!

The minister thinks all you need these days is a computer, but if you don’t have the network you don’t have access to this content. I suppose the minister thinks Wikipedia is good enough. The minister hasn’t apparently read the annual reports he receives from the Multitype Library Board where this initiative and the many others supported by the board are described. Or he could check out the overview prepared by J. Michael Shires of the University of Regina on the occasion of the board’s 20th anniversary. If he hurries, he can find it in his local library before they shut down.

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