Preparing for Bargaining

Our Collective Agreement expired Dec. 31, 2016 and it’s time to start bargaining a new agreement. We have a knowledgable Negotiations Committee in place with experienced members. Our membership has been consulted and made their concerns on bargaining issues known. Our team had planned to meet with the representatives of our Employer, the Saskatoon Public Library Board,  at the bargaining table in March and when we received a message from the library’s CEO Carol Cooley.

“….As you are likely aware, contract negotiations are to begin soon. We had anticipated further ahead with the service model and organizational structure project at this point. Considering where we are at with this project and for the benefit of everyone, it is it is important that the model is finalized, and both the union and the members are introduced to the plan before commencing contract negotiations. It is important so that we can bargain in good faith and so that negotiations are informed by current and relevant information. For this reason, we have advised the union we would like to postpone negotiations until after the service model, and the operational plan is finalized.”

We don’t know when bargaining will begin, we’ll keep you posted.