About us

Executive and Stewards



President  Pamela Ryder
Vice-President  Kate Robb
Secretary-Treasurer  Jelena Gaco
Chief Shop Steward  Gale Pomeroy
Recording Secretary  Deanna Jenkin
Membership Secretary Jasmine Loewen



Alice Turner Branch/Collection Services -VACANT-
Carlyle King Branch Mary Shorting
Cliff Wright Branch Alydia Teichroeb
Dr. Freda Ahenakew Branch Lydia
Frances Morrison Central Library Aimee Martens
Frances Morrison Central Library Sayeeda Ali
Frances Morrison Central Library Bobbi Taylor
Frances Morrison Central Library Alyssa Bryant
J.S. Wood Branch Michelle Pharis
Mayfair Branch Liz Allen
Round Prairie Branch Cyndi Cunanan
Rusty Macdonald Branch Judy Killoran
Casuals  Barb Wurzer Cey
Programmers Kate Robb
Floater Brian MacLean



  • Nicole Yablonski (1 year)
  • Sonia Dickin ( 2 year)
  • Judy Kiloran ( 3 year)

 Education & Communications Committee

  • Kate Robb (Chair)
  • Lydia Moss
  • Aaron Akister

EFAP Peer Advisors

  • Holly Pfeifer
  • Gale Pomeroy
  • Barb Wurzer-Cey

EFAP Board of Directors Representative

  • Gale Pomeroy

Library Workers Steering Committee

  • -VACANT-

System Social Committee

  • Lydia Moss
  • Deanna Jenkin
  • Gayle Cluett
  • Gale Pomeroy
  • Sayeeda Ali

Pension and Benefits Advisor

  • June Flegg

Joint Technological Change Committee

  • Joe Geary
  • -VACANT-

Joint Job Evaluation Committee

  • Peter Grier
  • Jasmine Loewen
  • Mary Shorting (Associate)

Occupational Heath and Safety Committee

  • Deanna Jenkin
  • Barb Wurzer-Cey
  • Sayeeda Ali
  • Irene Romero
  • Lois Grant
  • -VACANT-

What We Do


CUPE 2669 represents public library workers in the City of Saskatoon at nine Saskatoon Public Library locations . Our members:

  • provide you with free library cards
  • check out library materials for you to borrow
  • select, order, catalogue and process library materials
  • plan and deliver library programs and services
  • check in and shelve library materials that you have returned.

CUPE 2669 members work with community groups and organizations, children, seniors and newcomers. We’re proud of the work we do in Saskatoon.